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Achieving Professional Membership

As a Professional Member of The Dispute Board Federation, you are likely to be a young professional working in the construction and/or dispute resolution field either as an Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator or in other closely related fields.

Experience Needed

Those who apply for the level of Professional Member are experienced in dispute resolution and/or construction and infrastructure development and are usually either an Arbitrator Adjudicator and/or Mediator with at least two years of professional experience in their chosen area of endeavour or have been involved in construction claims and their presentation.

Benefits include:

  • Expert Panel listings for those seeking credentialed experts in disciplines such as engineering, construction, surveying, procurement, and financing, ADR, and DB’s
  • Internationally respected post-nominal initials FDBF, MDBF & PDBF
  • Expand your practice networking or your company's reach to businesses and opportunities worldwide.
  • Networking opportunities at member conferences and events.

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