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About the DBF

The Dispute Board Federation was founded to promote the use of adjudication as a means of dispute resolution, the training of Adjudicators and the use of Dispute Boards, as a means of dispute avoidance.

Initially this was specifically for large infrastructure projects in developing countries but has evolved over the years to encompass all forms of projects and commercial matters which, due to their complexity, need an on-going fast process to resolve disputes. As a not-for profit NGO, the DBF welcomes the opportunity to assist individuals, companies, as well as local and regional governments in the prevention of disputes.

The DBF also assists in the elimination of corruption through careful monitoring of projects using Dispute Adjudication Boards. Our efforts have expanded over the past few years to encompass not only the use of adjudication through dispute boards in construction projects but also their use in press complaints, procurement, manufacturing, concessions, hospital, commercial and development sectors.

The Federation also provides advice and assistance in the development of infrastructure projects, trains and accredits Adjudicators and Dispute Board Members, produces standard forms for use in adjudication, dispute boards, and dispute avoidance, acts as an appointing body for adjudicators and Dispute Board Members, and provides training and assistance in other areas of effective dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration.

Areas of Operation

The Dispute Board Federation originally focused its efforts on the rebuilding of Eastern European countries and has now expanded its role to cover Europe, Asia, South America and Africa and currently provides assistance in over 23 countries worldwide.