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The leading books in the field of Dispute Boards and Dispute Resolution.

Chern on Dispute Boards, 3rd Edition

ISBN 978-1-13-878173-3
Hardback, 738 pages
23rd April 2015
Informa Law from Routledge

This book guides the reader through the complexities of actual commercial and construction disputes and their successful resolution and also presents a way forward for the dispute board members themselves to administer actual dispute boards all over the world. It is therefore, the number one guide for construction lawyers, engineers and dispute board stakeholders worldwide.

Readers of this this updated third edition will have explained to them the various international formats and types of dispute boards in use today and be brought up-to-date on the ever evolving law within the field. New to this 3rd edition is the extensive coverage of appeals from Dispute Board Decisions, the laws relative to appeals and the ICC, enforcement procedures and new forms and guidelines for the practitioner.

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Dispute Boards: Procedures and Practice

ISBN: 9780727735089
304 Pages
November 2007, Thomas Telford Ltd

A useful guide to the various contract procedures which require or permit the use of Dispute Boards. It gives a detailed explanation of the interpretation and application of each requirement, both practical and legal/contractual, while referring to the international Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC as well as to other published procedures where relevant.

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The FIDIC Forms of Contract, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4051-2031-9
872 pages
June 2005, Wiley-Blackwell

An indispensable book on construction law and practice in the international sphere and a must have text on FIDIC contracts.

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FIDIC Users' Guide: A Practical Guide to the 1999 Red and Yellow Books - Incorporating changes and additions to the 2005 MDB Harmonised Edition

ISBN: 9780727734419
408 Pages
September 2006, Thomas Telford Ltd

This guide focuses on the practical administration of the contract and recognises the growing tendency for projects to be administered by local employers, consultants and contractors as well as by the experienced international organisations.

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International Commercial Mediation: Dispute Resolution Guide

ISBN: 978 1 84311 759 9

Everything you need to know about complex mediation and why International Commercial Mediation is a practical guide that can be used by both experienced mediators, who need to hone their skills and increase their efficiency, and beginners who need to learn the mediation process.

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The Law of Construction Disputes

ISBN-10: 1843119013
ISBN-13: 978-1843119012
1 July 2010

"The Law of Construction Disputes covers the construction dispute process by analysing the main areas that can lead to disputes and how to effectively deal with them once they have arisen. The book combines theory and practice along with exact excerpts of the leading case decisions covering the entire spectrum of construction law and the disputes that arise. "It should not be thought of a book that is only to be taken to and used at a hearing in case it is needed. It should be read thoroughly in any preparatory phase as it provides a good survey of the law and practice key and so that the many additional references, e.g., in the foot notes, can be pursued." Humphrey Lloyd, International Construction Law Review [2011] ICLR 130

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