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Joining The Dispute Board Federation

The Dispute Board Federation have three grades of membership, each giving you professional support and a range of services for whatever level of dispute resolution and prevention you work in.

  • Fellow

    The highest distinction a member can attain.

    As a Fellow, you are a dispute resolution professional of distinction, making significant contribution to your profession. You demonstrate both dispute board and dispute resolution excellence and leadership of your peers.

  • Corporate Panel Member

    As a Corporate Panel Member, you have demonstrated an ability to serve on at least one of The Dispute Board Federation’s Panels: The Dispute Board Panel, the Arbitration Panel, and/or the Mediation Panel.

  • Professional Member

    As a Professional Member, you are likely to be a young professional working in the construction and/or dispute resolution field either as an Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator or in other related fields such as law, engineering, architecture, or construction.