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I attended the DAB Intensive Training in Dublin-Ireland. My compliments to the great team of trainers, and to everybody who participated in the organization of the training! As an employee of a construction company, I gained valuable knowledge that every Contractor needs to know when it comes to disputes and DAB decisions in large construction projects.

The trainers shared with us not only their huge knowledge and experience regarding DAB matters, but we were also able to learn more about very important related issues of claims and contract management. I am grateful for having a privilege to participate.

Sead Dizdarevic, Euro-Asfalt Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina

I had the pleasure of attending the FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme, presented by Dispute Board Federation in Luxembourg.

What struck me most is the level of presentation, organisation and participation.

The teachers were all experts in the field and they were able to bring a wide practical experience in different professional.

The level of presentation was almost excellent.

On the other hand, the course participants were made up of high level professionals and executives from different countries.

The level of excellence of all those involved in the programme is explained by the way in which the course takes place.

Participants are immersed in the FIDIC world without preamble, as one who can not swim is thrown in the pool.

In a few days, a huge number of information are provided and the participants' attention is solicited by continuous interaction with the teachers, and tested in different ways.

Teachers and participants interact continuously for six days, and this primary aspect requires both a maximum concentration and a good knowledge of the subject matter.

Therefore, for those who do not already know the construction contracts, they will find many difficulties in attending this course.

And, at the same time, those who are not ready to give the maximum effort for a whole week, they can avoid enrolment in this programme

For me, it was the most difficult course I attended in my life. But, at the end, I learned a lot and I made friends. I can certainly say that it was an experience that enriched me professionally and personally.

Avv. Francesco Albertelli FTIP Participant

I have been in many programs, but this one is absolutely what is needed for professionals since it is taught by professionals in a deep and practical way. The process of "crisis" thinking leads to an excellent understanding that can help a succesful practice of the participants.

Roberto Hernández García, Socio Director / Managing Partner, COMAD, S.C. FTIP Participant

The Intensive Training Programme greatly expanded my knowledge. It was very well organized and prepared, with a high level of professional presentation thanks to Dr. Chern, Leo Grutters and Ben Beaumont. I strongly recommend this course.

Zdenek Jurik , ABC Engineering P.E. Prague, Czech Republic

I attended the DBF Intensive Training and Decision Writing Programmes in Dublin, and the FIDIC Contract Form Programme last autumn because I am interested in contributing to solutions in often difficult situations in large construction projects. I found all Programmes absolutely worth their prices. The trainers were top level and were complementary to each other, and conveyed their readiness to share their knowledge for the best of the trade. Small classes with only two to three participants per trainer, and full immersion courses, lunch and dinner (and after dinner) with an interesting mix of people from different professional backgrounds and different geographical and political contexts did the rest to create a professionally and personally really enriching experience.

Matthias Neuenschwander, Neuenschwander Consulting Engineers Ltd. Bellinzona, Switzerland

The FTIP course was very challenging and intensive making it very thorough in depth. The course has been very effective in reviewing important principles and providing an in depth understanding and knowledge of the FIDIC Suite of Contracts and the Dispute Adjudication process.

The course did indeed have many positive outcomes to attribute towards development of my career. The course enabled me to gain insight and in-depth understanding in the capacity of a Lawyer in; identification and analysis of risks in contracts, providing legal opinions and the negotiation process with clients' in reaching to agreements.

The tutors delivering the course were very professional and experienced in their field of taught subject. The seminars were very interactive whereby tutors encouraged participation in allowing participants to apply knowledge gained through evening assignments.

Overall the course was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it to those who wish to gain a deep insight and understanding in FIDIC Contracts.

Soley Erogluer, Senior Legal Counsel | Siemens Istanbul, Turkey FTIP Participant

The FTIP course is an excellent way to obtain a good understanding of the FIDIC suite of contracts, including the mechanisms and possible pitfalls, for the Employer, Contractor and other practitioners.

Robert A Sliwinski, SWL Chambers FTIP Participant