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Achieving Fellowship

As a Fellow, you are a dispute resolution professional of distinction, making significant contribution to your profession. You demonstrate both dispute board and dispute resolution excellence and leadership of your peers.

Experience Needed

Those who reach the level of Fellow have been recognised by their peers as being at the uppermost level of dispute resolution and leadership in the field of dispute boards and adjudication internationally and having done so for a sufficient period of time:

  • Fellows are expected to have had responsibility for adjudication decisions involving substantial projects over a sufficient period of time.
  • A 'sufficient period' is typically a minimum of five years working on substantial projects or other recognised activities that qualify.
  • In order to apply for this grade you are required to be an existing Dispute Board Federation Corporate Panel Member (MDBF). If you are not already a Corporate Member and are interested in this grade please contact Julie Norledge, Programme Director.

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