Advisory Panel and Operational Directors

The Advisory Panel assists the Dispute Board Federation in providing guidance and expertise to developing countries. Its members bring together a wealth of practical real world experience dealing with finance and construction as well as the knowledge base needed to assist and advise developing countries in the methods and methodology necessary for the successful completion of infrastructure projects.

Supported Multinational Development Banks

The Dispute Board Federation supports the work of the various Multinational Development Banks such as The World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Asian Development Bank and other such institutions.

The Advisory Panel Members are:

  • George Pierson
    Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Cyril Chern
    Crown Office Chambers
  • Clive Hassett
    ACE European Group
  • Timothy W. Triplett
    Black & Veatch

Emeritus Members

  • Charles Redman

Operational Directors

There are three key operational Directors in the DBF:

  • Director of the Regional Councils
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Programmes

Regional Councils – Mark Tiggeman

Mark TiggemanThe director of the Regional Councils who also acts as its Global Chair is Mark Tiggeman. Mark is a senior partner of Kennedys, which is an international Solicitor firm based in London and he has been very active with the DBF over the years. He is a leader in the field of Dispute Boards and their use on major infrastructure projects. Additionally as a Solicitor he brings over 22 years of experience in dispute resolution of major international matters to this role within the DBF

Director of Development – Ben Beaumont

Ben BeaumontBen Beaumont the Director of Development. Ben is both a Barrister and Chartered Surveyor. The Dispute Resolution Federation has noted that it needs to have a focal person or role as a point of contact for not only the expansion of the DBF's activities in the promotion of Dispute Boards but also with a view to developing and designing training and certification for the various areas of dispute resolution undertaken by the DBF. These areas include education and training for those administering construction and other contracts together with training and testing of potential adjudicators and dispute board members. Ben has also been mandated to co-ordinate discussions, under the leadership of the management, with the various appointing bodies and law firms, which are seeking to reduce the costs of litigation and delay by the use of dispute boards.